11. Oktober 2015

30 days coloring challenge 2015 - Days 1-10

Over on instagram started this october the third coloring challenge hosted by Kathy (known on instagram as @kathyrac). Since I took part in the first challenge back in march this year I enjoyed it so much, coloring everyday for at least 5 minutes (or more). It is fun and in some way therapeutic and I'm always looking forward to this time of day. 
I met some wonderful and talented crafty people during the last two challenges, some of them even become friends. I really appreciate all the sweet comments and I love browsing through all the colorings, getting inspired and learn new techniques. And I love trying out new techniques during the challenge too, because it's about to challenge yourself, right? And with no particularly card in mind it is much easier for me to try out new things :D So I thought this time I would like to make an overview of my colorings during the challenge every ten days. 

So these were the first four days:

It started with a bear (by lawn fawn) colored with polychromos pencils - I just love how much more of a realistic looking fur you can create than with lets say copic markers. And I rarely use these pencils - what a shame. 
Second is so much fun and so fluffy :) I found in some boxes with crafty goodies I've totally forgotten about. one is a velvet powder which you use with wet glue to create a fur-like texture for all sorts of critters. So I definitely had to tried out that stuff on those cute sheep (by lawn fawn).
On the third and fourth day (which was a weekend) I had my friend Kati over for girls-getting-crafty-time and of course we shared our stamps. So I used her cute dog set (by mama elephant) and these awesome ghost (by lawn fawn). Two of the ghosts made it already onto a card (which you can find here ) As you may noticed the spot for day five is empty because I didn't submit anything that day, because my courses at university started that day and I was simply swamped with work and organisational stuff. 

These are day 6 to 10:

On day six I was trying out this awesome no-line coloring technique with copic markers. Alice Wertz is a real genius at it and I admire her coloring so much. The first try I didn't even load up on instagram, because the result didn't please me. The second try was this cute dinosaur (by papersmooches). I wasn't entirely satisfied but submit it as day six anyway, because it's all about the challenge :P But I wanted to get better result, so I watched some videos by Alice and tried a second time same image to see a difference (or not) but I think it worked out better. Something that still bothers me is that the outline of the stamp is visible so much. I think I remember that Alice mentioned in one of her videos once that her antique linen distress ink pad is almost dry, so the impression is slightly visible. I still want to try second generation stamping with my ink pad, maybe that will have the desired effect. 
The cute mice from day seven are from lawn fawn but only made for simon says stamp stamptember celebrations. I couldn't get these and was really sad because this set is too cute. But a crafty friend of mine - which by the way I get to know through instagram and the coloring challenges - Wiebke send me a wonderful card and a big bunch of stampprints from this set. And I was over the moon about her kindness and the cuteness overload that I had to color immediately some :D
Day eight and nine are copic colorings were I tried out creating fire and wood texture, fur and feathers. I just love the toasty marshmallows.
On day ten I watched a documentary about pandabears and how they are endangered and about a huge project in China trying to re-establish the bears in their natural habitat. They are such cute and funny animals it would be a great loss to our planet not to have these roam free and wild anymore in the near future. So I colored a panda using copic markers and a stamp from lawn fawn. 

I hope you enjoyed  reading my first ten days overview as much as I did doing this retrospect :)
I think I need to refill one of my copic markers for the first time since I bought them. I bought my first markers when I started college and never used them much. They were one of these items which they say you'll need but never use actually. The first coloring challenge brought them back to life and I learned coloring with these and really started enjoying it so much that I bought so much more colors since the first challenge :P

Have a really nice day,

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